Why us? Supporting innovation

Supporting innovation

1. Open Innovation Network grant project as part of the Smart Growth 2014 – 2020 Operational Programme, 1st component of Measure 2.2 Open Innovations – support for technology transfer

Who can apply for a grant?
  • be entrepreneurs from the SME sector;
  • entrepreneurs registered and operating within the Republic of Poland;
  • entrepreneurs who implement innovative solutions in their companies.
What can be a grant obtained for ?
  • TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER – cost of acquisition of technology or licence for technology, i.e. patents, know-how and other intellectual property rights (patent applications, utility models, utility model applications, industrial designs, industrial design applications, copyright, rights in protected species of flora, mask work). Reimbursement of up to 70% of the cost of transfer of technology worth from PLN 100 thousand to EUR 200 thousand
  • ADVISORY SERVICES – In addition to the funding, beneficiaries of the OIN scheme may use substantive support in the form of advisory services in the scope of: technological, legal, legal and patent consultancy, and valuation of intangible assets (the service consists in the preparation of technology transfer transactions and mentoring during implementation). Reimbursement of up to 85% of the costs of consultancy services costs. 
    A project must meet the conditions for innovation (a solution known and used at a country level for less than 3 years, or at an international level – for less than 5 years).
What has to be done? It is easy:
  1. Choose the innovative technology you find interesting – you can do it yourself or using the Technology Transfer Platform (www.ptt.arp.pl) You may also approach the Technology Broker (broker@arp.pl). For more information go to  www.siecotwartychinnowacji.pl/brokering/
  2. Go to www.siecotwartychinnowacji.pl and read the principles of grant provision.
  3. Apply for a grant for a technology transfer or for advisory services.

Detailed information for grant applicants can be found at  www.siecotwartychinnowacji.pl. You may also request it by calling 22 695 37 88 or writing to soi@arp.pl.

2. ARP Innovation Pitch

The Industrial Development Agency actively contributes to forging links between small Polish companies and large entities. One of the measures which allows cooperation to commence is the ARP Innovation Pitch, during which entities from the SME sector present their innovative technological solutions which can successfully be applied commercially by large business counterparties.

Thanks to such events, we offer a chance for implementation of interesting projects and for workshop participants to start working together.

Apart from benefits resulting from finding innovative ideas which can determine a competitive advantage in subsequent years, large companies also gain in terms of image:

  • building a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation;
  • supporting the potential and stimulating the development of SMEs;
  • supporting cooperation between entrepreneurs from large and small companies.

3. Technology Transfer Platform

The Technology Transfer Platform (TTP) is a website where registered users can provide information about their innovative resources and about needs in the field of innovation, as well as search the technologies and experts database.
Apart from the extensive and constantly updated information system resources, another advantage of the TTP is its intelligent system of pairing technology providers and recipients. Registration and access to TTP resources is free.

The Technology Transfer Platform collects data about:

  • technological resources of the so-called technology providers i.e. entities which want to make their innovative solutions available,
  • the needs of the so-called technology recipients, i.e. entities interested in the acquisition of innovative solutions,
  • expert resources which can be used in the technology transfer process.

Who can be a technology provider:

  • enterprises, research institutions, natural persons, business support institutions (technology transfer centres, science and technology parks, etc.).

Main benefits for technology providers:

  • expansion of technology sales channels,
  • obtaining income on technology sales,
  • creation of an image of an entity which has innovative solutions at its disposal,
  • verification of market interest in technologies at the disposal of a given entity,
  • outsourcing of technologies outside the scope of the provider’s development strategy, which can be used in particular in a different industry,
  • umaking technology available to an entity cooperating with the provider (as part of B2B relations), thereby improving the efficiency of mutual business relations,
  • participation of employees from provider enterprises (e.g. B+R staff) as advisors in the process of technology transfer to the recipient, which allows the provider’s personnel to obtain additional competencies and ensures security of entrusted technological resources.

Who can be a technology recipient:

  • enterprises which intend to implement a technology in their activity.

Main benefits for technology recipients:

  • improving the technology level through technology transfer,
  • support with respect to defining/cataloguing technological needs,
  • informing potential providers about technological needs,
  • access to innovative solutions/technologies,
  • the possibility of using specialist (legal, technical, financial) advisory services relating to technology transfer, also as part of development works associated with adaptation of the obtained technology to the recipient’s needs,
  • the possibility of making use of funding for the purchase of a licence/ownership title to use the technology,
  • the possibility of capital support aiding implementation of the technology by the recipient on an industrial scale.

4. Support programmes

4.1. Video games

Video game industry support programme.

The aim of the programme is to support the use of the potential of Polish game designers and to reduce the barriers associated with market entry and with the company’s expansion into foreign markets.
The programme includes a number of activities that will support companies at different stages of development. The first implemented measure was the establishment of the video game accelerator. The signing of a letter of intent between the ARP S.A., the University of Silesia and the Cieszyn District resulted in the establishment of ARP Games Sp. z o.o.
Support provided by ARP Games is aimed at young game designers and start-ups. It takes the form of special training, mentoring and capital entry. This activity will lead to the establishment of new companies operating in a market on which there are relatively few entities of this kind. Investments in start-ups from the gaming market entail a high risk. At ARP Games, this is mitigated using a project evaluation and mentoring system, based on global-class specialists. Support is provided in the form of competitions announced twice a year. The first was held in January 2017.

4.2. Space technology

Space technology sector support programme.

The nature of the programme relates to the ARP S.A holistic perspective of investments in space technology: not only in the context of the space sector or space exploration, but also as a source of innovation and applications spreading into other fields of the economy. During execution of a comprehensive support programme for the space technology sector in Poland, the ARP S.A. will take a business approach, where e.g. support for HR development, start-ups and marketing activity are treated as necessary elements of the investment.