Why us? Financial services

Types of financing available from the ARP S.A. for enterprises located in Special Economic Zones

Loans intended to finance:

  • investment projects related to the development of business,
  • liquidity support, working capital increase, financing of contracts and orders,
  • any activities related to commencing business activities in a SEZ – for new zone investors – the so-called “start-up loan;”
  • przedsięwzięć innowacyjnych,
  • przedsięwzięć restrukturyzacyjnych.

The financing period and principal repayment schedule, including the grace period, are determined in an individual and flexible manner for each facility, depending on the needs. However, the most commonly applied parameters are as follows:

  • for investment financing, the lending period is up to 7 years,
  • the grace period on principal repayments for investment projects lasts until the planned investment is launched,
  • working capital loans may be granted for more than one year – for as long as 3-5 years,
  • minimum amount of funding – PLN 2 million.

Advantages of ARP S.A. loans:

  • ARP S.A. does not require any fees for processing loan applications or any other handling fees. The cost of financing for an entrepreneur includes a one-off commission for granting the loan and interest calculated as WIBOR + margin. However, entrepreneurs operating in the SEZ may expect a lower level of margin and commission,
  • for entrepreneurs operating in the SEZ, the acceptable level of the money the investor is initially required to contribute may be lower than 20%, which is usually required for investment and innovative projects,
  • for entrepreneurs operating in the SEZ, the acceptable level of collateral may be lower than the usually required 120% of the loan principal amount,
  • ARP S.A. guarantees simple and transparent terms of financing; it is also possible to combine a loan granted by ARP.S.A. with bank financing.

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