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Industrial Development Agency Joint Stock Company

Industrial Development Agency Joint Stock Company (ARP S.A.) is a state-owned, join-stock company under ownership supervision of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. It supports entrepreneurs in operation and development of business activity, as well as the implementation of restructuring processes, and plays a major role in making the Polish economy more competitive.

The broad spectrum of support instruments includes both financial products and assistance in implementation of projects, such as providing access to investment areas and production facilities within Special Economic Zones administered by the ARP S.A. The Company makes it possible for business partners to liaise in implementing innovative ventures. It also actively supports the Industry 4.0 sectors, such as the aerospace sector or video games sector.

The Industrial Development Agency has many years of experience and competences deemed unique in the Polish market. The Company has developed an individual approach to the evaluation of projects which enables to recognise business opportunities in areas seen as unattractive or too risky.

As part of the Polish Development Fund Group (PFR), the ARP S.A. cooperates with major Polish institutions supporting enterprises and provides comprehensive solutions in response to the current needs and challenges faced by businesses.

SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE Euro-Park Mielec Euro-Park Wisłosan
Value of investments since beginning of activity PLN 10.0 billion PLN 8.1 billion
Number of issued permits — in total since beginning of activity 417 376
Total jobs in the zone More than 30 thousand More than 22 thousand
Number of permits issued in 2017 47 24
Declared new jobs in 2017 1,4 thousand 2,2 thousand
Financial investments declared in 2017 by
investors who obtained permits for activity
within the zone.
PLN 1.32 billion PLN 4.17 billion
Number of provinces in which the
zone investment areas are located
5 6
Number of sub-zones 33 24
Zone area 1 724 ha 1 877 ha


Janusz Zakręcki
President of the Management Board of Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze Sp. z o.o.

Logo PZL Mielec

The opening of the EURO-PARK MIELEC Special Economic Zone was an important event of the mid-1990s, not only in the history of Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze Sp. z o.o., but also for the entire Mielec region. Owing to favourable business conditions offered to entrepreneurs, and thanks to numerous facilities, the ongoing decline in importance of our region was stopped. Attracting new investors and establishment of new companies in the zone undoubtedly contributes to the development of PZL Mielec. More and more of our suppliers and contractors are companies operating in the zone, often in close proximity. The positive atmosphere created by the zone management and local government authorities is also an important factor for the functioning of the company in the Special Economic Zone. Both of these groups put a lot of effort into fostering entrepreneurship and cooperation between the public and the private sector, promoting healthy development of investments located in the zone.

Rafał Kalisz
Vice-President of the Management Board of FIBRAIN Sp. z o.o.

Logo Fibrain

Established nearly 25 years ago, FIBRAIN Sp. z o.o. is the largest domestic company operating in the photonics and fibre optic technology sector. FIBRAIN combines stable production of high-tech products and key know-how. Built on a research, laboratory and manufacturing foundation, FIBRAIN is now a leader on the Polish and foreign market, and a creator of world-class innovative solutions. Thanks to its location in the Special Economic Zone, and making use of benefits associated with this fact, not only was FIBRAIN able to create more jobs, but also earmark much more funds for new investments and the development of the R&D department which, in turn, allowed it to become one of the global leaders of the fibre optic sector. Numerous regional, national and international awards and distinctions are the evidence of the company’s robust development.

Tadeusz Sanocki
President of the Management Board of SPLAST Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.


The decision to invest in the Krosno sub-zone of EURO-PARK MIELEC SEZ was quick, but also wise. The very good location with infrastructure, competence of experts from the Mielec Branch of Industrial Development Agency JSC, and support from local authorities, ensured efficient implementation of the investment. Today, tax exemption help us develop in a smooth manner, and the success of our investment is something that the city and region can be proud of.

Adam Krępa
President of the Management Board of Federal-Mogul Gorzyce Sp. z o.o.

Federal-Mogul Gorzyce Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of a wide range of automotive components for both the primary and secondary markets. It has over 70 years of experience in production. Its key products are pistons for combustion engines. Since 2001, the company has been a member of the Federal-Mogul corporation from USA. Entering into cooperation with EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN TSEZ in 2010 allowed us to complete several large investment projects and create more than 1.5 thousand jobs. Good relations with highly competent employees of the Tarnobrzeg Branch of Industrial Development Agency JSC ensured smooth execution by Federal-Mogul Gorzyce Sp. z o.o. of zone procedures required to obtain permits to conduct business activities in the TSEZ. We believe that owing to our company being located in the Tarnobrzeg EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN Special Economic Zone, we were able to launch new investment projects and ensure continued development of the company.

Ryszard Jania
President of the Management Board of Pilkington Automotive Poland Sp. z o.o.

Pilkington Automotive Poland is one of the largest manufacturers of car glass in Europe. It has been active in the TSEZ since 2010. So far, we have engaged in various forms of cooperation, e.g. rental of production halls from the TSEZ, purchase of land for the construction of a new plant in Chmielów, as well as conducting the process of extending the Zone borders. The professionalism of employees as well as the TSEZ flexibility and ability to adapt to requirements associated with those difficult projects enabled their successful completion. As a result, we created a plant with production capacity reaching 5 million glass panes a year, applying state-of-the-art technologies and employing 1.5 thousand employees of our own and contractors.

Jacek Krupa
Managing Director, Member of the Management Board of Uniwheels Production Poland Sp. z o.o.

UNIWHEELS Production Poland Sp. z o.o., the UNIWHEELS Group, operating in the global market, is a leading manufacturer of alloy wheels for the automotive industry. It is ranked 3rd on the European market. The decision to expand UNIWHEELS Production Poland in the Tarnobrzeg EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN Special Economic Zone, by launching a new and innovative production line, allowed us to continue the effective development of our company and increase our share in the market. Our plant in the Stalowa Wola sub-zone is one of the leading manufacturers of alloy wheels. We are convinced that cooperation with the Tarnobrzeg zone will result in further investment projects in Stalowa Wola.