News Mieszkanie Plus is a chance to develop the Polish Investment Zone.

Mieszkanie Plus is a chance to develop the Polish Investment Zone.

Mieszkanie Plus is a chance to develop the Polish Investment Zone.

Special economic zones can be involved in the Mieszkanie Plus programme. By gaining access to affordable residential premises, appropriate for the local needs, employers may recruit competent staff who will become tied to their companies in the long run. This is important especially within the context of current challenges on the labour market.

Mieszkanie Plus is a wide set of activities taken by the government with the aim to increase investments in affordable flats in the private, self-governmental and governmental sector. It is a widespread programme addressed to all social groups.

BGK Nieruchomości (BGKN) – a company involved in the programme on commercial terms – is happy to start cooperation with business partners and local government institutions. Its aim is to build modern, family- and local community-friendly buildings and flats with rents at competitive rates, as compared with the ones currently applicable on the market.

The provision of affordable housing for rent is particularly significant due to the growing role of mobility on local labour markets. Following employment is currently difficult due to the lack of sufficient offer of flats for rent. This is true both for the largest Polish cities and for smaller urban centres with a developing labour market.

It is worth to remember that Poland has a great housing deficit – for every 1000 people, there are approximately 370 apartments, while in other EU States, this ratio is 400-500 apartments. Therefore, increasing the supply of apartments in Poland is a must. It is also one of the ways to address the pressing problem of depopulation of cities. Both new jobs and affordable flats will foster the development of local economies.

Investment projects under the Mieszkanie Plus

Plus programme are financed with investment funds whose assets are managed by BGKN. In smaller centres which do not have a developed rental market, cooperation with a partner is crucial for BGKN. The following criteria are taken into account when choosing the real property for a residential project:

  • The real property is included in the local zoning plan and intended for multi-dwelling buildings or a decision has been issued on development conditions allowing for multi-family residential buildings;
  • The real property has access to a paved public road and to technical infrastructure;
  • The real property is located in an urbanised area, i.e. in the vicinity of education establishments, service points, health centres, work establishments, etc.;
  • The real property is located in the vicinity of public transport stops,
    which means it has good transport routes to areas attractive for residents.

The scheme of residential project implementation is as follows:

  • Step 1. Reporting the real property to:
  • Step 2. Preliminary analysis of the real property by BGKN
  • Step 3. Choice of the optimum model of investment implementation – for example, a partnership may be established by BGKN and its partner; purchase of real property by BGKN from its partner; or implementation of the investment project based on regulations on public-private partnership.
  • Step 4. Completion of procedures in accordance with the chosen model
  • Step 5. Obtaining the necessary permits for the partner and for BGKN
  • Step 6. Commencement of implementation of the residential project

If you are interested, contact BGKN directly at: +48 502 630 582 and